The Singleton Of Glen Ord 42 Year Old Debuts in Guangzhou, TRIWIN VIP Private Dinner

发布日期:2018-07-31 12:34
The Singleton of Glen Ord 42-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky unveiled today is the oldest product ever released from the Glen Ord distillery since its founding in 1838. Glen Ord designated TRIWIN as its exclusive partner to make its debut on TRIWIN VIP Private Dinner.
The Triwin General Manager, Mrs. Vivi Shen introduced Maureen Robinson (Master of Malts for The Singleton) and Lu Qing Sheng (Whisky Expert Advisor) who led the tasting of The Singleton Glen Ord 42-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, and shared their in-depth observations with 10 whisky collectors and enthusiasts at VIP private dinner.
Left: Triwin General Manager, Mrs. Vivi Shen; 
 Middle: Master of Malts for The Singleton, Maureen Robinson; 
Right: Whisky Expert Advisor, Mr. Lu Qing Sheng;
As the Singleton master of malts, Maureen Robinson, who has spent 40 years working for distillery owner Diageo, said: “The Singleton of Glen Ord 42-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky as part of its new Forgotten Drop series, which is an exciting collection to curate. Using cask strength liquids that have been slowly slumbering in Glen Ord’s warehouse for over 4 decades, then matured in carefully-selected casks, The Forgotten Drop series is Singleton’s oldest, finest and rarest single malt whisky series, which owns incredibly high value for whisky tasting and collection.
From a personal perspective of working on the Forgotten Drop series, it is one of the oldest whisky collections that I have taken charge of. Devoting all my knowledge of whisky blending and industry experience, I see them as one of the most important works of my career up to today.”
Whisky Expert Advisor, Mr. Lu Qing Sheng, commented: “The most challenge of cask finishing is to balance the new flavour brought by the finish cask without occupying the original distillery character. The influence of using Amontillado-conditioned oak cask for finishing would makes The Singleton of Glen Ord 42-Year-Old so precious, as it's so unusual for this distillery to have a whisky of this age in this type of wood.”
 “The Singleton 42YO, the special limited release of only 600 bottles is now rationed at Whisky Boutique by TRIWIN. Bottled at its cask strength of 49.3% ABV, it is also the oldest liquid released by the Glen Ord Highland distillery in its 180-year history. We’re delighted to introduce this series and work with Master of Malts Maureen Robinson to unveil such a rare and perfectly crafted single malt for whisky connoisseurs in China.” Vivi Shen, General Manager of TRIWIN added. 
About The Singleton of Glen Ord
The Singleton of Glen Ord is a rich, smooth-tasting, perfectly balanced single malt whisky made using only the purest waters from underground springs and rainwater in the mountains of All't Fionnaid.
Created in Glen Ord, one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries founded on Thomas Mackenzie’s land in 1838, the Singleton of Glen Ord, for over 150 years insists in traditional long fermentation and slow distillation production method, only to deliver a simply smoother finish than other single malts. Meticulously aged in an equal combination of European (sherry) cask and American (bourbon) casks during maturation, the rich smooth flavour of The Singleton of Glen Ord naturally shines through.