Whisky connoisseurs gather in Guangzhou to salute the first ever blended malt from the “King of Whisky” Royal Salute

发布日期:2019-08-06 20:24

Royal salute has crafted its first 21Yo Malt Blend, formed by more than 21 precious single malts from 5 regions in Scotland. Whisky connoisseurs and business elites attended its preview event on August 5th in Guangzhou, China to make their salute to the first ever blended malt from the "King of Whisky".

Through a momentous occasion, Royal Salute marked the first instance of a new permanent whisky addition in Royal Salute's 21 Yo range since its original"Signature Blend" was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II in honor of her Coronation in 1953. The Royal Salute China Team invited Mrs. Vivi Shen, Whisky Collection Adviser & Mr. Stephen Notman, Whisky Expert to lead a tasting dialog for The Malts Blend to all attending guests.

Left: Mr. Dany Hung
Vice President of Sales at Pernod Ricard China South Region
Middle: Mrs. Vivi Shen
Whisky Collection Adviser, General Manager of TRIWIN
Right: Mr. Benny Tsang
Vice President of National Sales at Pernod Ricard China 

The 21 Year Old Malts Blend was the brainchild of Royal Salute's Master Blender, Mr. Sandy Hyslop. He dedicated three years to the selection of more than 21 precious single malts from 5 regions of Scotland, resulting in an indulgent and profound Scotch whisky bursting with notes of orchard fruits. This new expression also exposed an innovative work showcasing two generations of master blenders' depth of skill, dedication, and knowledge of whisky types.

Photo: Mr. Sandy Hyslop
Master Blender of Royal Salute

Mr. Stephen Notman, a renowned whisky expert in Greater China, along with Mrs. Vivi Shen, demonstrated their appreciation for a fine blended malt's profound aroma through a technique coined by Mr. Collin Scott, the taste-excellence technique. It involves releasing a small but precise drop of water into the whisky, thereby amplifying the complexity and sweetness. Together, Mr. Stephen Notman and Mrs. Vivi Shen carried out this technique for the attending guests.

The attending connoisseurs and business elites of the 21 Yo Malts Blend preview event commented:

"After spending more than 30 years following the charm of Royal salute, we're thrilled to see how the latest creation testifies to Royal Salute's ambition through cutting-edge scotch whisky innovation."

The 21 Yo Malts Blend is bottled in a beautifully crafted porcelain dark green flagon. Each bottle is presented in a clever redesigned packaging that features a whimsical and colorful depiction of the British Menagerie that were once housed in the Tower of London, designed by artist Kristjana S. Williams. 

It really is an innovative work to pay tribute to the British monarchy while perfectly balancing the brand’s modern needs by pushing the art of blending into new, creative, and ambitious forms.

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