The First Ever Flora & Fauna Reserve Cask Private Collection Makes its Initial Debut in September

发布日期:2019-09-20 19:30

We are honored to announce that the first ever Flora & Fauna - Reserve Cask - Private Collection will be unveiled in the end of this September. After a bold initiation undertaken by independent collector following years of dialogue with the Diageo HQ, 11 rare Flora & Fauna single casks were finally given the green light for release. 

Triwin, acting as a consultant on behalf of independent collector, remains honored to partake through the entire journey with independent collector and Dr. Craig Wilson, Diageo single cask master, who spanned 29 months exploring 11 distilleries to select the rarest high aged single casks. In the collection of single cask whisky, Flora & Fauna - Reserve Cask - Private Collection is going to set a new and great milestone in 2019.

Flora & Fauna
- Reserve Cask - 
Private Collection

The first ever Flora & Fauna - Reserve Cask - Private Collection, through 29 consecutive years of cultivation, earned notoriety as “Whisky Geeks” for its uniting of 11 reserve distilleries - all of which possess an origin tracing back to the early exploration of the unique malts in Speyside and Highlands, Scotland. This series has an irreplaceable geek whisky status in the rankings of high-end geek collectors. Cherished by those who value distillery character, it has also formed a powerful flavor guidance for worldwide geeks & collectors.

Blair Athol
The "Maybach" of Sherry Noted Whisky

Through the eyes of high-ranking whisky geeks, Blair Athol was coined “Maybach” of the sherry oak style. Differentiated from the “Rolls-Royce” designation typical of subtle styles, Blair Athol possesses a more liberating vigor with acute notes known for provoking a superior satisfaction. This makes for an avenue begging to be explored by Sherry preferred geeks looking to explore new ambitions.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 【Ghost and Rare series 】 Trilogy: Brora, Port Ellen, Glenury Royal are some results in the utilization Blair Athol, the "Maybach" of Sherry noted single malt whisky, is an interpretation of its big and boisterous contribution to the flavor framework of Ghost and Rare series. Such a Blair Athol (Sherry Noted Whisky) can only reflect value through this rare series.

Evoked applause across three generations of whisky masters

The Flora & Fauna series has earned distinction in being the first to receive applause across three generations of whisky masters, geeks, and writers - including Mr. Michael Jackson, Mr. Dave Broom, Mr. Dominic Roskrow, and Ms. Martine Nouet. The series received esteemed mentions among some the most influential whisky collection guides, such as 《Whisky Magazine》,《Whisky Advocate》, 《Malt Whisky Companion》 and 《Malt Whisky Yearbook》.

A bold initiation undertaken by an independent collector

After a bold initiation undertaken by independent collector following years of dialogue with the Diageo board of directors, 11 rare Flora & Fauna single casks were finally given the green light for release. 

Led by Dr. Craig Wilson, Diageo single cask master, along with an independent collector, the two spanned 29 months exploring and selecting rare liquids from 11 distilleries’ warehouses - all distilled from 1988 to 1997 to form a rare and sought-after collection. The release will encompass 11 remarkable limited editions, originating from treasure hidden throughout boutique distilleries’ warehouses across Speyside and Highlands, Scotland – all of which are bottled as natural cask strength whiskies.

This one-of-a-kind collection will offer:

  1. Blair Athol 1993 - 26 Year Old
  2. Linkwood 1996 - 22 Year Old
  3. Benrinnes 1992 - 26 Year Old
  4. Auchroisk 1990 - 28 Year Old
  5. Strathmill 1988 - 30 Year Old
  6. Glenlossie 1996 - 22 Year Old
  7. Inchgower 1990 - 28 Year Old
  8. Dailuaine 1990 - 29 Year Old
  9. Teaninich 1997 - 21 Year Old
  10. Glen Spey 1990 - 28 Year Old
  11. Mannochmore 1992 - 27 Year Old

Interpreting four explosive messages hidden in the label

The four explosive messages hidden in the label, released by European and American whisky geeks group, have yet to appear in any release of Flora & Fauna Collection over the past 29 years.

After a decryption, collection name, maturity statement, signature of single cask master, double label, & double insignia charm, it is apparent that the collection is the first ever released. Undoubtedly, the intricate experience offered by the world's first release of these 11 rare single casks will set a new peak for global whisky geeks.

A rare collection uniting niche boutique distillery character

The three generations of whisky masters such as Mr. Michael Jackson, Mr. Dave Broom and Mr. Dominic Roskrow have praised the Flora & Fauna Collection as a particularly significant standalone series among Distillery Characters in the world. 

In high-end whisky geeks circles, this series retains a symbol of the Scottish niche boutique distilleries with value and significance surpassing that of the average series. Since its release, the Flora & Fauna Collection has been favored by high-end European and American whisky geeks and collectors worldwide.

A Glance at 
Flora & Fauna 
- Reserve Cask - 
Private Collection 

GEEK's Sherry

Blair Athol isn’t the Rolls Royce, 
but rather the Maybach among European Sherry Oak malt whiskies.

The big, boisterous Blair Athol demands attention from whisky geeks, with its vibrant, rich, sophisticated and elegant Sherry oak character. Therefore it goes by the term“GEEK’s Sherry”.

1. Blair Athol 1993 (26 Yo )

Cask No.:  0001
Wood:  Bodega ex-Sherry cask wood
Distilled:  1993
ABV:  58.9% 

A distinguished flowery Speyside malt

A distinguished Speyside malt with full embodiment of fruit and flower characteristic coated in complexity & depth. Linkwood’s unique 75 hour fermentation process and slow distilling to maximize copper conversation make for a thick texture which slows the whisky down to allow for enough time on the palate. 

2. Linkwood 1996 (22 Yo)

Cask No.:  9318
Wood:  Bodega ex-Sherry cask
Distilled:  1996
ABV:  52.4% 

Sultry tones subsumed in its dark aromas

A combined process of partial triple distillation, worm tubs cooling, and 100% ex-Sherry maturation come together to produce something deliciously dark and mellow - quite unlike the usual fruity, fresh notes that Speyside whisky fans are accustomed to. As early as 2004, Benrinnes was highly praised in the《Malt Whisky Companion》by whisky master Michael Jackson as big, creamy, and flavorsome, perfect as a post-dinner refresher.

3. Benrinnes 1992 (26 Yo)

Cask No.:  9001
Wood:  Bodega ex-Sherry cask wood
Distilled:  1992
ABV:  58%

Futurism in a New Classic

Auchroisk is fairly new when compared to some of its ancient Speyside counterparts. Futurism is the new classic with this young distillery, which is reflected in the process of rapid mashing, quick fermentation, and rapid boiling regime. The maturation process involved in decanting ex-Bourbon matured whisky into ex-Sherry casks for a further secondary maturation makes it the first example of finishing, leaving Balvenie and Glenmorangie to be regarded as pioneers of the technique.

4. Auchroisk 1990 ( 28 Yo)

Cask No.:  0002
Wood:  American Oak Refill Hogshead 
Distilled:  1990
ABV:  51.5% 

Reticent and Rare

Reticent and rare in character, Strathmill distillery’s main production quirk comes in the form of a purifier pipe running from the lyne arm into the body of the spirit stills. This adds a light oily character to the new make, resembling light shining through olive oil, where a sweet and nutty spirit is fortunately available to be enjoyed.

5. Strathmill 1988 (30 Yo)

Cask No.:  9002
Wood:  American Oak Refill Hogshead
Distilled:  1988 
ABV:  52.6%

Distinctly Coastal

Being one of the workhorses of northern Speyside, Glenlossie distillery’s proximity to the sea lends Glenlossie a little coastal malt to its Speyside character. Glenlossie’s stills were fitted with purifier pipes which carry any heavier alcohols. It is the use of these purifiers which adds a certain oily textural quality to the spirit, while long fermentation helps to promote a grassiness in the new make.

6. Glenlossie 1996 ( 22 Yo)

Cask No.:  9942
Wood:  American Oak Refill Hogshead
Distilled:  1996
ABV:  50.5%

Speyside’s Andalucía

A long history with maritime notes is solidified by this distillery’s proximity to the fishing port of Buckie. Due to its resemblance to the gorgeous flavors of Manzanilla dry sherry, this distillery is recognized as Speyside’s Manzanilla - preferred in the Andalusian region of Spain.

7. Inchgower 1990 ( 28 Yo)

Cask No.:  9001
Wood:  American Oak Refill Hogshead
Distilled:  1990
ABV:  55.7% 

A complex whisky impress mightily

Diageo Group has maintained a high-quality small number of OB (official bottling) boutique distilleries. Daluaine produces a heavy ‘meaty’ make in part due to long fermentation, rapid distillation, and the use of stainless steel in the condensers therefore cutting down on copper interaction. This offers a new take on the profile, with something complicatedly enticing to shape a complex, warm distillery taste.

8. Dailuaine 1990 ( 29 Yo)

Cask No.:  3464
Wood:  Wine-Seasoned American Oak Hogshead
Distilled:  1990
ABV:  53.5%

A fragrant exotic grassiness

Utilizing the Hammer mill and mash filter is specific to a single operational Scottish malt distillery, installed at Teaninich. The use of technology, which was meant produce ultra-clear wort, gives a clue as to the character of Teaninich distillery: a fragrant exotic grassiness that brings to mind the beauty of harmony in East Asian green tea.

9. Teaninich 1997 ( 21 Yo)

Cask No.:  7640
Wood:  American Oak ex-Bourbon First Fill Hogshead
Distilled:  1997
ABV:  52.8%

The most keen-nosed malt hunters’choice

Despite being at the center of Scotland’s whisky producing capital, Glen Spey whisky has remained hidden from all but the most keen-nosed malt hunters for over a century. There’s a purifier pipe at work which injects a pleasing light touch into the pleasant spirit adding thereby adding texture to its nuttiness.

10. Glen Spey 1990 ( 28 Yo)

Cask No:  2546
Wood:  American Oak ex-Bourbon First Fill Barrel
Distilled:  1990
ABV:  45.1%

An Atypical Malt

An atypical malt among Speyside, Mannochmore was built in 1971. It is subject to loyalty to original taste - a light style without an oily background under its direct expressive way often results in clean and dry character.

11. Mannochmore 1992 ( 27 Yo)

Cask No.:  7744
Wood:  American Oak ex-Bourbon First Fill Barrel
Distilled:  1992
ABV:  47.4%