TRIWIN Charity Volunteer Team - Safeguarding Society & Bettering Public Welfare

发布日期:2019-11-07 22:01

Education Forever

At TRIWIN, we’ve committed ourselves to maintaining a high standard in Wine and Spirits Distribution in part by contributing to society. Staying true to our core values, "To Act with Integrity" & "We Share the Goodwill", we practice responsible corporate & business ethics while solidifying our role in public welfare for social sustainability.

Recently Mrs. Vivi Shen, General Manager of TRIWIN and vice president of Guangdong Fu-Runyuan Charity Fund, shared her views on public welfare with guests at the Charity Fund banquet:

"As we approach a new era, enterprises must assume more social responsibilities. It is necessary to actively adapt to new requirements following social progress, enrich and sublimate the spirit of social responsibility, further improve strategic positions, explore ways to fulfill social responsibilities, and focus on strengthening and maintaining key social responsibilities."

MiddleMrs. Vivi Shen

General Manager of Triwin

Vice President of Guangdong Fu-Runyuan Charity Fund

Based on the same values in social responsibility, our long-term partner Guangdong Fu-Runyuan Charity Fund share mutual values in social responsibility. We aim to help future generations better their public welfare, and we call for more companies and institutions with similar values to work together in promoting rural welfare and the development of Chinese education.

Guangdong Fu-Runyuan Charity Fund, adhering to their mission on gathering love to help the continuance of education among children in remote areas

Love Grandly, Love Progressively

On the road to support the development of rural education, there’s a positive energy from TRIWIN CHARITY. In every fiscal year, a percentage of TRIWIN’s net profit has funded rural education, scholarships for disadvantaged students, and emergency aid through Guangdong Fu-Runyuan charity fund programs executed in rural areas.

Since the establishment of the TRIWIN CHARITY VOLUNTEER TEAM in 1996, we have multiplied our efforts tenfold in supporting the teachers of rural areas in southern China through the Guangdong Fu-Runyuan charity fund.

Since 2000, TRIWIN CHARITY has funded a scholarship fund to provide quality education and opportunities for aspiring students in rural countries. There are nearly 200 students that have benefited through the project. In fact, some students have already graduated from college successfully and embraced new lives.

At TRIWIN, we are aware of social responsibilities. We are committed to being a company with social engagement and gratitude. As a staunch supporter of Guangdong Fu-Runyuan Charity Fund, the TRIWIN CHARITY VOLUNTEER TEAM will continue to fulfill societal obligations for furthering the sustainable development of education for school-age children in rural areas.