Banding Together in the Fight Against Epidemics - TRIWIN Charity and Guangdong Fu-Runyuan Charity Fund Jointly Contribute RMB 200,000 in Support of Wuhan's Fight Against the New Pneumonia

发布日期:2020-01-30 01:07

Widespread outbreaks of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection in Wuhan city and Hubei province has drawn empathy from the hearts of TRIWIN and people all over the country. TRIWIN Charity and Guangdong Fu-Runyuan Charity Fund jointly donated RMB 200,000 to Guangdong Charity Federation in support of Wuhan's fight against the new pneumonia and offer support for the doctors and nurses on the front line of the epidemic battling the virus with prevention and control!

Mrs. Vivi Shen, General Manager of TRIWIN and Vice President of Guangdong Fu-Runyuan Charity Fund, said:

"At TRIWIN, we are aware of our many social responsibilities. We are committed to remaining a company with social engagement and gratitude. As a staunch supporter of Guangdong Fu-Runyuan Charity Fund, the TRIWIN CHARITY will continue to pay close attention to the epidemic and continue work with the Chinese public so that we may be of help to each other and overcome the difficulties we are facing with solidarity. We aim to prevail in the fight against epidemics and succeed in containment with as little friction as possible. May spring warm our earth, and peace flourish in our motherland!"

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