The World's First Officially Authorized DWA Branch Unveiled on August 28th in Greater Bay Area - Guangzhou, China | Diageo Whisky Academy Penetration Strategy to Strengthen In China Over the Next Decade

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On March 3rd 2017, all three levels of the Diageo Whisky Academy (DWA) professional whisky course was presented in Beijing during a three day seminar held by Diageo senior leadership, under the joint efforts of Mr. C.H. Chu, Managing Director of Diageo Greater China and Mr. Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Diageo China. The DWA seminar was attended by the Diageo Whisky Academy project team, several Scottish industry experts, and the DWA chief consultant Mr. ChingSheng Lu.

DWA has successfully and systematically trained over 10,000 whisky lovers in more than 40 cities across the country in the last three and a half years, deploying the most professional knowledge. It has become the most highly recognized and applauded professional whisky knowledge sharing platform among industry leaders and consumers in Greater China.

DWA is now deepening its commitment for the next five years in China, reaffirmed by the extremely positive reactions during the 2020 Diageo Whisky Seminar tour, which was conducted throughout 11 cities across the country.

*2020 Diageo Whisky Seminar cities include: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhanjiang, Shantou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing


The first official DWA center is now being launched as a major initiative by Diageo in China that will continue throughout the next decade

On August 28th, 2020, five senior executives from Diageo China management team, including a DWA chief consultant, attended the opening ceremony of the world's first officially authorized DWA center, established in Guangzhou, Greater Bay Area, China. 

The opening of the first officially authorized center also marks Diageo's expansion from "professional classes" to "professional in-depth experience".

The world's first DWA 'Entrepreneur Advanced Level-2' course developed for high-end consumers was launched for the first time in Guangzhou on 27th and 28th of August, taught by Mr. ChingSheng Lu, DWA Chief Consultant, DWA Certificate Course Content Developer, and DWA L2 & L3 Mentor.

from right to left: 

Mr. Jeff Lin

E-Commerce and New Retail Director, Diageo China

Ms. JiaYi Lu

Head of Corporate Relations, Diageo China

Mr. Mark Edwards

Managing Director, Diageo China

Mrs. Vivi Shen

DWA Honorary Consultant

General Manager of TRIWIN

Mr. EnMao Shen

President of TRIWIN

Mr. Pison Deng

Sales Director, Diageo China South Region

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the video of DWA's first official center opening ceremony

Opening ceremony of the first officially authorized DWA center attended by Mr. Mark Edwards, Managing Director, Diageo China; Ms. JiaYi Lu, Head of Corporate Relations, Diageo China; Mr. Jeff Lin, E-Commerce Director and New Retail Director, Diageo China; Mr. Pison Deng, Sales Director, Diageo China South Region; Ms. Ariel Miao, Category Development Director, Diageo China; Mr. EnMao Sheng, President of TRIWIN; Mrs. Vivi Shen, General Manager of TRIWIN and Mr. ChingSheng Lu, Chief Consultant - DWA


Whisky advanced communication goes a level deeper. This is a major leap forward in the ability to radiate depth of knowledge.

Driving the next five years of whisky development in China, DWA is constantly upgrading its resources and advancing with the times, designing DWA's tri-level course in line with the international whisky tasting training needs of new consumers.

Focusing on international high-end social and spirits etiquette, the DWA 'Entrepreneur Advanced Level-2' course is now available to satisfy the new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who are interested in entering the high-end whisky or even single cask whisky field.

Mr. Mark Edwards
Managing Director, Diageo China
Keeper of the Quaich

A Ten-year DWA Penetration Strategy

" The first DWA official center is one of the main initiatives launched by Diageo in China and will continue through the next decade.

DWA 'Entrepreneur Advanced Level-2' and DWA Level-3 are multi-dimensional whisky courses that not only set a new benchmark for the entire whisky industry, but also build upon a practical knowledge platform where whisky lovers who seek to progress further " can dive into a level of in-depth tasting and sharing with like minded individuals. "


Ms. JiaYi Lu

Head of Corporate Relations, Diageo China

Leading Innovation & Refreshing Expectations

" Enabling expert whisky tasting and providing platforms for the sharing of professional whisky knowledge, DWA is a continuous innovator and leader.

We are constantly exploring newer, better, and higher-adapted models to broaden the horizons of consumers and provide experiences that is different from what the market is accustomed to.

In recent years, high-end Chinese consumers have shown a deeper desire for high-end experiences in whisky culture and international etiquette. I am convinced that the first officially authorized DWA center in Asia, established by Diageo, will continue to refresh the expectations of new generations of whisky lovers in China. "


Mr. Jeff Lin

Former DWA Project Initiator

Current E-Commerce and New Retail Director, Diageo China

Keeper of the Quaich

Whisky education is advancing to a new, deeper level

Diageo Whisky Academy was developed and refined by Diageo Group, senior external consultants, and several of the world's leading whisky gurus for nearly 17 months. It was officially launched in China to the world on March 2017, and marked a milestone in Diageo's commitment to build a whisky culture throughout China.

I am honored to have served as one of the main members of this project. Today I am witnessing the opening of the first officially authorized DWA center in Guangzhou, China, and foresee that DWA, a tri-level and multi-dimensional whisky knowledge and tasting experience, will go further to new levels of depth in the next five years. "

Mrs. Vivi Shen
DWA Honorary Consultant
Keeper of the Quaich

The new generation of whisky consumers have a thirst for knowledge for Scotch Whisky

In the first and second tier cities of China, the age structure of whisky lovers from all walks of life is moving towards a younger trend. They are also no longer satisfied with online advertising exposure only. Meanwhile, Chinese whisky consumers have increased their expectations of professional whisky consultant service providers in recent years.

Diageo has created the world's first DWA 'Entrepreneur Advanced Level-2' course, which is an in-depth exploration of practical knowledge where the new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs may even enter the high-end single cask whisky field and witness the cultural manner of spirits with integration into international social etiquette.  "

Mr. ChingSheng Lu
Chief Consultant - DWA
DWA Content Developer / Exam Designer / L2 & L3 Mentor 
Keeper of the Quaich

" Quality and Quantity "  will go hand in hand

Toward the end of 2016, I was fortunate to be a principal consultant of DWA and participate in the development of the DWA teaching program. Throughout my consulting, I assisted in the design of DWA L1L2L3 course content & exam criteria, and trained respective DWA L1 and L2 instructors.

In the past three and half years, I truly feel that the world's leading premium drinks group, Diageo, is responsible for inspiring whisky lovers in China. The entire team has brought a new approach across 40 cities, which prioritizes the expansion of whisky knowledge by using the authentic taste of spirits as a springboard, while effectively integrating international learning. 

It is believed that with the high-quality whisky sharing content of DWA APP (Approved Program Provider) over the next five years, tier one through four cities in China will be able to deliver both " Quality and Quantity " hand in hand while building the essence of spirits culture. "

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the video of DWA 'Entrepreneur Advanced Level-2' course

The DWA 'Entrepreneur Advanced Level-2' course is currently only offered by the DWA officially authorized center in Guangzhou; it is hosted by Mr. Ching Sheng Lu, DWA Chief Consultant, DWA Certificate Course Content Developer, DWA L2 & L3 Mentor and Keeper of the Quaich. 

With more than 30 years of whisky tasting experience, and a collection of social experiences spanning international banquets, high-end clubs, and private membership clubs, Mr. Lu inspires students to learn and adopt high-level social etiquette in line with international standards in conjunction with best in class whisky education.


This includes the DWA L2 Whisky Pairing course, that begins with the characteristics of a distillery and matches it to a respective Chinese high-end cuisine. At present, in the interviews of more than 4,000 DWA L2 students, there is strong desire for participation in the DWA L3 course.

Instructing Video of DWA L3 students


The world's first batch of DWA Level-1 certified exernal tutors

Middle Left:  Mr. Tim Yang 
Middle Right: Ms. YoYo Shen
The world's first batch of DWA L1 certified external tutors

In the next five years of DWA's development in China, DWA L1 certified external tutors will be unveiled to public, which is for whisky professionals who have completed DWA L3 course, received four months systematic tutor training and completed a rigorous tutor credential examination.

The certification will be granted after DWA chief consultant Mr. ChingSheng Lu and Chief Brand Ambassador of Diageo Aisa Pacific, Mr. Alex Whang, have passed four or more cross performance reviews.

A Glance at the world's first officially authorized DWA branch

- An immersive training space for professionals -

- An in-depth exploration of practical knowledge of  high-end or OB single cask whisky field -

o Course welfare

For those who successfully register for the DWA 'Entrepreneur Advanced Level-2' course in August or September 2020, each will receive an official DWA authorized APP TRIWIN, carefully selected 21-year-old Scotch whisky as a souvenir.

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