Diageo Whisky Seminar 2020 – Touring China's 11 core cities serves a perfect ending on 16th September | A Glance at Diageo Whisky Seminar΄s First Stop in Guangzhou

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Diageo's market share achieved NO.1 status within China in 2018, fulfilling the group's commitment to setting the stage as a market leader in regions all around the world.


Outstanding Leaders Show Outstanding Performance

With China as one of its top three strategic worldwide markets, Diageo, under the pragmatic and efficient leadership of Mr. Sam Fischer, Diageo's President Greater China and Asia, Mr. C.H Chu, Managing Director of Greater China, and Mr. Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Diageo China, has surpassed commitments and goals set in place at the 2017 Diageo Whisky Summit in Guangzhou, China. Those commitments included:

  • Increasing the capability to offer more Premium Scotch within the China market

  • Building DWA to become the most influential whisky education platform in Asia

  • Strengthening brand build and innovation, and becoming a leader in various categories including Singleton, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, etc.

Welcome Speech from Diageo's Management Team at its First Tour City of Diageo Seminar 2020, Guangzhou

A Video Speech from Diageo Business Partners on the Official DWA Immersive Knowledge Center and Whisky Boutique



2020 focused on the world's largest Greater Bay Area economy, industry experts gathered in Guangzhou at the Four Seasons Hotel to discuss whisky trend forecasts over the next five years.

Diageo Whisky Seminar 2020 was held in Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

Participating in the Diageo Whisky Seminar and video speech comprised of the management team at Diageo including: 

Mr. Sam Fischer, President of Diageo Asia and Greater China

Mr. C.H Chu, Managing Director of Diageo Greater China

Mr. Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Diageo China

Mr. Glen Coppin, Finance Director of Diageo China

Mr. Michael Song, Sales Director of Diageo China

Mr. Rambo Chang, Marketing Director of Diageo China

Mr. Pison Deng, Sales Director of Diageo China South Region  

The 2020 Diageo Whisky Seminar is the first to be launched in Guangzhou, China. The first of the events was held at the Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, July 15th. It brought together industry experts, whisky opinion leaders, whisky collector advisors, and business channel partners – all in efforts to discuss and publicize the world's largest ˝Bay Area Economy˝ whisky development prospects over the next five years, as well as Diageo Groupsplans and commitments for the GBA market.

Mr. Michael Song

Sales Director of Diageo China

Mr. Rambo Chang

Marketing Director of Diageo China

right five: Mr. Pison Deng

Sales Director of Diageo China South Region  

On the day of the Diageo Whisky Seminar in Guangzhou, Diageo Group invited whisky industry experts, 

(from left to right)

Mr. JunWei Lin

leading whisky opinion leader

Ms. Vivi Shen

Single Cask Whisky Collection Advisor

Keeper of the Quaich

Ms. YunHua Huang

leading whisky opinion leader

Keeper of the Quaich

Mr. ChingSheng Lu

Single Cask Sampling Evaluation Master

Keeper of the Quaich

Mr. KinSan

China Cocktail & Spirits Expert 

Keeper of the Quaich

Mr. HaiBin Wang

whisky opinion leader

Mr. ZhongQun Liang

whisky opinion leader

to discuss the current situation and trends of Scotch whisky, in addition to providing in-depth insights into Chinese consumers.

Left one: Mr. Rin Shen, Keeper of the Quaich, Whisky Seminar host

Eight senior experts and opinion leaders in the whisky industry interpret future prospects for the development of whisky from multiple perspectives.


Specialist Insight Delves into an Analysis of Both Current and Future Whisky Prospects – with the Knowledge of International Whisky Masters

Worldwide Guru Online Talk

Alongside industry experts, 

Mr. Charles MacLean, a world leading whisky expert

Mr. Dave Broom, world’s famous Whisky author

Mr. Andy Simpson, founder of " Rare Whisky 101 "

Mr. Daniel Lam, Bonhams fine & rare whisky Director in Asia

together with Dr. Jim Beveridge, Ms. Maureen Robinson, and Dr. Craig Wilson from the Diageo master blender team, discussed the current status whisky development via online teleconference, and showed their respective prospects along with prospects for the future development of whisky in China.



" Whisky Master Class "  - Professional and in-depth tasting discussions as directed by industry experts and brand ambassadors

On the day of the Guangzhou Four Seasons Symposium, Mr. KinSan-China Cocktail & Spirits Expert, Mr. ChingSheng Lu-Single Cask Sampling Evaluation Master, and three Keepers of the Quaich: Mr. Rin Shen, Mr. Wei Liu, and Mr. Benson Wang, were invited to initiate the day with: 

" IB Single Cask vs. COD OB Single Cask "

" Blended Whisky and Single Malt Whisky Craft "

as entry points for the master class. They proceeded to guide participants into conducting professional and in-depth tasting discussions.


Whisky in the China market will inevitably grow vigorously over the next five years

Mrs. Vivi Shen

Single Cask Whisky Collection Advisor

General Manager of TRIWIN

Keeper of the Quaich

Mrs. Vivi Shen, General Manager of TRIWIN, shared her confidence during the 2020 Diageo Whisky Seminar:

" Working together with partners that usher in such systematic marketing support, such as Diageo Group, has given us the capability to face China's whisky market – and we will soon be targeting the first " Whisky Renaissance " brought upon us earlier than expected due to market segmentation and in-depth tastings.

I believe that through Diageo's first official DWA Immersive Knowledge Center, established in 2020, we will possess the capacity to provide professional in-depth whisky experiences, allowing whisky lovers in the Greater Bay Area to witness the arrival of the Chinese " Whisky Renaissance ".

The first official DWA Immersive Knowledge Center

from right to left: 

Mr. Jeff Lin

E-Commerce and New Retail Director, Diageo China

Ms. JiaYi Lu

Head of Corporate Relations, Diageo China

Mr. Mark Edwards

Managing Director, Diageo China

Mrs. Vivi Shen

DWA Honorary Consultant

General Manager of TRIWIN

Mr. EnMao Shen

President of TRIWIN

Mr. Pison Deng

Sales Director, Diageo China South Region

The world's first batch of DWA L1 certified external tutors

Honored Guests Visiting Diageo's First Official DWA - Immersive Knowledge Center: Representatives and Wine & Spirits Experts of the Guangdong Provincial Alcohol Industry Association


Diageo Whisky Seminar 2020 – Touring China's 11 core cities serves a perfect ending on 16th September

The grand opening of the first Diageo Whisky Boutique in Shanghai

Diageo opened its first Whisky Boutique in Eastern China on September 17th, 2020 in Shanghai. This marked another milestone in Diageo's deepening of market strategy, and it predicted a successful echo for the Diageo Whisky Seminar 2020, which ended on September 16th.

As the world's first to partner with Diageo China in establishing the Whisky Boutique, TRIWIN is honored to participate in and witness the growing radiation and influence of Whisky Boutique in China's first-tier cities over the past years. Since then, Diageo has constantly explored newer, better, and higher-adapted models to broaden horizons of consumers and provide experiences that are different from what the market is accustomed to. This allows partners truly see the prospects and results of trustworthiness, transparency, efficiency and the keeping of promises.

Sincere Trust in Diageo's Leadership in the Premium Scotch Market and its Brilliant Future in China.