Diageo, Four New Releases to be Unveiled in Ceremony of The Whisky Boutique’s 4th Anniversary in Greater China

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December 18th, 2020

Mr. Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Diageo China 

Mr. Michael Song, Sales Director of Diageo China 

Mr. Rambo Chang,  Marketing Director, Diageo China

Mr. Pison Deng, Sales Director of Diageo China South Region

Ms. Ariel Miao, Head of Category Development of Diageo China

Whisky collectors, industry elites, and professional advisors

Mr. EnMao Shen, President of TRIWIN 

Mrs. Vivi Shen, General Manager of TRIWIN 

Mr. Jazz Jia, Principal of Whisky Magazine China

Mr. ChingSheng Lu, Single Cask Sampling Evaluation Master

gathered in Guangzhou, the heart of the Greater Bay Area, to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the world's first Whisky Boutique and participated in Diageo's four new releases in Greater China.

" RARE by NATURE " - presents a limited collection of eight casks strength single malt Scotch whiskies in line with the SR (Special Releases) 2020 theme, completely and naturally aged in meticulously selected rare casks.

Mr. Jazz Jia, Whisky Connoisseur

Mrs. Vivi Shen, Single Cask Whisky Collection Adviser

Mr. ChingSheng Lu, Single Cask Sampling Evaluation Master

and whisky geeks & collectors from the Greater Bay Area who signed up for the event gathered on December 18th at the launch and tasting of the entire series, experiencing in-depth tasting and communication.

Mr. Jazz Jia

Principal of Whisky Magazine China

Keeper of the Quaich

Mrs. Vivi Shen

Single Cask Whisky Collection Adviser 

Keeper of the Quaich

Mr. ChingSheng Lu

Single Cask Sampling Evaluation Master

Keeper of the Quaich

Whisky geeks & collectors who participated in the first tasting of the eight releases from the SR 2020  noted that the overall whisky flavor they experienced in 2020 was different from that of 2018 and 2019, and that they were momentously impressed by the 2020 flavor brought by the unusual age points and experimental maturation techniques. They unanimously agreed that the SR 2020 would make an excellent choice for whisky enthusiasts.

2020 Special Releases , A Limited Collection of Eight Casks Strength Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

1.    Cardhu, 11-year-old, 56% ABV

2.    Cragganmore, 20-year-old, 55.8% ABV

3.    Dalwhinnie, 30-year-old51.9% ABV

4.    Lagavulin, 12-year-old56.4% ABV

5.    Mortlach, 21-year-old56.9% ABV

6.    Pittyvaich, 30-year-old50.8% ABV

7.    The Singleton, 17-year-old55.1% ABV

8.    Talisker, 8-year-old, 57.9% ABV

Whisky geek & collector from the Greater Bay Area

Mr. Jazz Jia, Whisky Connoisseur

Whisky geek & collector from the Greater Bay Area

Mrs. Vivi Shen, Single Cask Whisky Collection Adviser 

Whisky Connoisseur

Middle Left:  Mr. Tim Yang 

Middle Right: Ms. YoYo Shen

the world's first batch of DWA L1 certified external instructors

TRIWIN made Diageo's first global strategic partner for DWA APP. The first officially authorized branch, DWA - Immersive Knowledge Center, was inaugurated in Guangzhou on August 28th, 2020.

This milestone marked the beginning of a new era in professional whisky tasting and learning in China's first-tier cities, moving beyond regular teaching to both systematic and in-depth approaches. The DWA featured the start of advanced level courses in August this year.

On December 18th , DWA announced that for the first time, DWA L1 introduced external officially certified instructors into its offline courses.

Ms. YoYo Shen

Mr. Tim Yang

Mr. Tim Yang and Ms. YoYo Shen were officially registered as external instructors for Diageo Whisky Academy on December 18th, 2020 after six months of professional training – courtesy of DWA Level 2 Instructor Mr. Rin Shen, and this included four cross-checks by DWA Chief Advisor and Level 3 Mentor Mr. ChingSheng Lu.

Mr. Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Diageo China, said,

"The Diageo Group has long been dedicated in cultivating the local whisky market around the world. We have been consistently promoting systematic and professional whisky education, as well as a firm conveying of balanced and responsible drinking in both Greater China and beyond.

Today in Guangzhou at the heart of the Greater Bay Area, the world's first officially certified DWA external instructors, after having surpassed rigorous assessments, have officially been licensed to instruct offline at the DWA - Immersive Knowledge Center, which I believe will inspire more practitioners and enthusiasts across the country who are interested in sharing their whisky experience to join this exciting new community."

- Dr. Jim Beveridge

   Master Blender of Johnnie Walker

- Mr. Charles MacLean

   DWA Board Member/ Level-3 Mentor

- Mr. ChingSheng Lu

   DWA Chief Advisor/Board Member

   Curriculum Developer/ Level-3 Mentor

DWA Special Limited Edition (500ml), featuring English engravings at the bottom of the bottle. For those who successfully register for the DWA ‘Entrepreneur Advanced Level-2' course, each will receive 『 King George V 』 as a souvenir.

『 King George V 』  
A Joint Tribute of Three Masters 
DWA Officially Reveals Its  Special Limited Edition

The complexity of maturation, sophisticated combinations of flavor philosophies, and a perfect manifestation of character from multiple distilleries - three features that are to be integrated into a high-end whisky. It has always been a consistent pursuit of experienced connoisseurs around the world. 

『 King George V 』 is crafted with the 200-year-old Johnnie Walker brand, with six generations of uninterrupted master blenders developing extraordinary skills based on their rich experience in collaborating with dozens of elite distilleries and perusing their advanced maturation techniques.

In the eyes of many whisky connoisseurs, 『 King George V 』 may represent the benchmark of whisky with all of the aforementioned three features.

The DWA Entrepreneur Advanced Level-2 course is designed for entrepreneurs with a strong desire for advanced tasting as a social practice, as well as advanced whisky tasting enthusiasts. This course has earned high praise from the Bay Area's high-level businesses and upper-tier tasting circles.


Mr. Rambo Chang

Marketing Director of Diageo China

For the growing number of whisky geeks & collectors in Greater China, driven by the need for individualized appreciation of distillery characteristics and cask aging, Diageo plans to launch another round of COD (Cask of Distinctive) program for them during the second and third quarter of 2021.

Now, with an increasing number of collectors utilizing OB casks as investments, the observation of changes in vibrant expressions culminated from various distilleries and aging points has become one of the core values and joys for the new generation to collect them for tasting and sharing.

Diageo's master blender team, with a reputation for quality OB single casks, will interact with private collectors to serve the new round of COD - selecting programs through Diageo's reliable and integrated supply chain management.

Mr. Rambo Chang, the Marketing Director of Diageo China, said on December 18th , that Diageo would actively respond to the demand of collectors in order to develop service in OB Cask through COD program. Diageo believes that the COD program will inspire as much enthusiasm among Chinese private collectors as the " Flora & Fauna – Reserve Cask – Private Collection " in 2019, and will also bring momentum to increase OB influence with real values.

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ceremony of the world's first Whisky Boutique 4th anniversary 

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