A Visionary Market Strategy - Diageo's First Whisky Boutique

发布日期:2021-12-27 21:18

Mr. Mark Edwards lectures the journey 
of building up  the world's first whisky boutique 
in China in the past five years

Diageo Group has been deeply committed to the scotch whisky market. After it set up the world's first whisky boutique in Guangzhou, China in 2016, it embarked on its sixth year of high end whisky boutique service on 18 December, 2021.

In the past five years, in term of the market communication model of Diageo Whisky Boutique in Guangzhou, it boutique has been professional service-oriented with innovated marketing mode.

In this way, it made a great example for the global market with its boutique marketing model which took China as one of the key focus markets. Meanwhile, it create more brand communication power for the whisky boutiques and select stores around the country to operate high end scotch business.

Guangzhou Whisky Boutique, for its personal VIP services to the vast number of whisky collectors in Southern China and its frequent exchanges with those tasting connoisseur, has gained a deeply trust from the HNWIs.

Diageo Leadership & the management members 
and Triwin  Corporation Leadership Team

December 18th , 2021

Mr. Mark EdwardsManaging Director of Diageo China
Mr. Zhang Wei Yang, Marketing Director of Diageo China
Mr. Song LinSales Director of Diageo China  
Mr. Deng Wei Jie Sales Director of Diageo, Southern China
Ms. Ariel Miao, Expansion market Director of Diageo China  
Mr. YuLin ShenSenior Brand Ambassador of Diageo China
Mr. Chuan WangSenior Brand Ambassador of Diageo China
Mr. ChingSheng LuIndependent Whisky Collection Adviser & Single Cask Sampling Evaluation Master

Whisky collectors, industry elites, and professional advisors
Mr. EnMao ShenPresident of Triwin Corporation
Ms. Vivi Shen, General Manager of Triwin Corporation
Mr. YingTing  XuConsultant of Guangzhou Triwin Corporation

All attended the fifth anniversary celebration event. Whisky collectors, connoisseurs and professionals of the industry in Southern China also gathered in Guangzhou, the heart of the Greater Bay Area, to participate in this five-spot-highlight of the fifth anniversary celebration and related awarding ceremony. 

They appreciated the great achievements gained by the Diageo Group and its core partners in deepening win-win cooperation, as well as the aspiration for the next five years.

(Designed by DWA)
Prima & Ultima series 2
The pre-paid whisky tasting session £1,000/p
led by Independent Whisky Collection Adviser & 
Single Cask Sampling Evaluation Master-Mr. ChingSheng Lu

In 2020, the Sotheby‘s released the Prima & Ultima series 2, which caught great attention form the industry.

This year,  the second edition of Prima & Ultima series 2 was created by Maureen Robinson, the senior curator and master bartender who selected historic premium wine bases. Eight specially selected single malt whiskies from eight major distilleries are included in his selection. 

The "original and final" history with a complete curatorial concept makes up one of Diageo's most sought-after collections in the Sotheby‘s Auction ever.

 The Michelin whisky pairing dinner was jointly customized by two masters, laying a new dimension of "whisky pairing" of Chinese culture.

Mr. ChingSheng Lu, Independent Whisky Collection Adviser & Single Cask Sampling Evaluation Master        
Mr. YongBiao Feng, At Michelin Two-Star Restaurant Guang YuXuan / Rosewood  Hotel / Guangzhou / China

Prima & Ultima series 2
Michelin whisky pairing dinner (pre-paid £1,000/p)

(Designed by DWA)
Prima & Ultima series 2
tasting certificate and tasting  badge 

Independent Whisky Collection Adviser & Single Cask Sampling Evaluation Master Mr. ChingSheng Lu, led pre-paid tasters from 9 different provinces and regions to join in-depth tasting experience. 

And he awarded the participants with Prima & Ultima series 2 tasting badge and tasting certificate.

(Designed by DWA)
2021 special releases  series
The pre-paid whisky tasting session £180/p

The collection is curated by Dr. Craig Wilson, Diageo's master blender. 

It is a collection of whiskies that capture the magic of Scotland, and leave an intoxicating aroma behind on the lips and teeth. 

All the designs of the bottle appearances impress the experts and geek collectors with the features and styles of the seven distilleries.

Designed by DWA the first 2021 Special Releases of high end tasting is hosted by Mr. YuLin Shen , DWA Level 2 instructor and Sampling Master Mr. ChingSheng Lu.

It is a newly whisky learning experience, aiming at create a new pattern of pre-paid high end whisky tasting, and set a new standard for the professional tasting process in the whisky industry.

In the past three years, Triwin Corporation has joined hands with whisky pairing and whisky tasting enthusiasts from 13 different provinces and regionsa continuous whisky pairing study and explore the culinary backgrounds of Chinese people from different regions.

This whisky pairing study started from the Greater Bay Area will soon unlock the Last Mile Study in 2022.

From 13 different provinces and regions
"Flavor spectrum" research members 
came to the scene to witness

Mr. Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Diageo China, on behalf of Diageo China, awarded Guangzhou Triwin Corporation the certificate of “Market Insight and Research Partner”, which was accepted by Ms. Vivi Shen, honorary director of DWA L3 China Alumni Association at the fifth anniversary, and witnessed by the research members of "flavor spectrum" from 13 different provinces and regions in China.

This long-term research project, which initiated by the consumers-end, casts off the research style which is which usually led by whisky brand owner.

DWA L3 China Alumni Association and
"flavor spectrum" research members 
give charity trophy honors to 
Triwin Charity Volunteer Team's charitable personnel

Brora COD 45 Years 
The symbol of waxy and smoky

Brora, mixing the past and present, is featured by its smoky flavor of 1960s to 1970s. In its core flavor structure, the non-island smoky featured by the North Highlands and the island smoky by Islay, form the main development line, creating a great balance of waxy smoky.
Therefore, it is a generational milestone in the field of high-end OB works and is highly regarded and sought after by both vintage and geeky collectors. 
The Brora 1978 COD 45 years old was also officially announced for pre-order at the 5th anniversary.

The last batch of 70' Brora COD 1978
The iconic symbol of waxy and smoky

"Closed Distillery" Brora created the non-Island wax smoking style led by the Northern highland in the 1970s, which almost represents the smoking memory of a specified generation.
This is highly recognized in the field of global collection and auction, senior collectors and geek collectors.

"Glory and wealth" event 
Johnny Walker blue customized

At the event, we also introduced the custom-made bottle design of "Rong Hua Fu Gui" (Glory and Fortune)-Rong Hua Fu Gui is a traditional Chinese auspicious pattern, which is composed of hibiscus flowers and peonies. 

The bottle is designed with hibiscus and peony as the main elements, which symbolizes the prosperity of the Chinese people and their good wishes for progress and prosperity.

Diageo celebrates the fifth anniversary
of the world's first whisky boutique

- End -