A Magnificent Adventure with A Splendid Ending | Calvados Oak Cask Experts with Abundant Tastes and Precious Flavor| The Singleton 30 Years

发布日期:2022-08-08 10:22

On August 6, 2022, Junying Wine Industry and Rosewood Guangzhou Hotel joined hands to create "The Singleton Taste Night" in order to find the track of abundant tastes. Elites from all fields of society are welcomed and entrepreneurs gather together. In this meaningful autumn night, when everyone was enjoying the Cantonese feeling leisurely, the Whisky Doctor unveiled the new excellent work of "Abundant Tastes and Precious Flavor Series".


At the banquet, Diageo China Brand Ambassador, Mr. Benson Wang, led the guests to taste the new member of "Abundant Tastes and Precious Flavor Series" -- The Singleton 30 years.As a new representative of the "small batch of elite bucket selection" family, it and The Singleton 21 years and 25 years appeared integrally, together presenting the multi-level rich taste of the brand.

The Singleton 30 years is a very rare combination of trinity slow process, small batch of elite bucket selection, selected Calvados oak cask experts. It breaks the boundaries of the traditional 30 years of single malt flavor.

The Calvados oak cask experts are the first to be tested in the SWA Scotch Whisky Associations new rules. Its use of Calvados oak cask experts in the maturation of vintage whiskies is also a magnificent adventure with a splendid ending in an environment where vintage whiskies are becoming scarce.


The Singleton, a representative single malt whisky, has continuously broken through the boundary of "rich flavor" in its hundred years of heritage. It started from the slow brewing process of “slow saccharification, slow fermentation and slow distillation” in the 1960s, and it brews wine in its heritage as time goes by. After the creation of the elite small batch of cask experts selection in the 1970s, it has achieved a new breakthrough in cask experts art and flavor, and achieved the core characteristics of The Singleton, which is rich in layers, mellow and deep. In the 1980s, it initiated the "super tension cask experts aging flavor test", which was an epoch-making move.

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Under the environment of exquisite wine glasses, mellow wine and delicious food, the guests were toasted, admiring The Singletons 30 years old cellar in a leisure tasting, and witnessing more of The Singletons rich possibilities.
Over the past hundred years, The Singleton has unswervingly adhered to flavor innovation, and constantly breaks boundaries with the creativity.“High tasting value” runs through the whole line of The Singletons brand products. In addition, the exquisite red wood packaging is inspired by the "Use jade and silk as gifts" in Chinese traditional culture to shape the decoration of the masters carved jade box, which adds the sense of ceremony when high-end gifts are given, and also implies the respect for the exquisite craftsmanship and exploration spirit behind The Singletons "Abundant Tastes and Precious Flavor Series".
At the same time as the launch of The Singleton 30 years, The Singleton "Brand House" also begins. Located at the starting point of NorthCoast500 road, the visiting experience takes The Singleton single malt whisky "leisurely taste abundant taste" as the core design. It has become an important carrier to upgrade consumer experience and deeply attracted guests to explore the source of flavor with The Singleton.