Bruichladdich Autumn Hearty Banquet丨Innate Uniqueness丨NO HIDDEN MEASURES

发布日期:2022-10-31 20:50
55.7 degrees north latitude,
the deep sea, the romantic wind of Islay.
Inherited from the Victorian era,
classical brewing techniques collide with natural barley
to create a unique flavor.
Bruichladdich, pioneering knight of whiskey,
a perfect illustration of Scottish elegance and Bohemia.
On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival,
Junying liquor industry goes hand in hand with Bruichladdich 
to start a golden autumn hearty banquet.
Interesting souls are always attracted to each other. In honor of the spirit of particularity, the industry elites and corporate leadersgathered together by the invitation of Junying liquid industry. As tasting the liquid, they experience the pure flavors and layers of texture that Bruichladdich prides itself on. Its top note is as tender as fire, and its base note is as deep as the sea.

In tasting, the guests transcend the constraints of time and space. Their souls set foot in that magical land with the undulating waves of wheat in the wind, the peat lurking underground, and the clear mountain springs. It is the tacit understanding of ingenuity passed down from generation to generation and land that gather into the feeling at this moment.


A soul-searching dinner banquet usually doesnt require much decoration, which needs only simple layout and a few flowers. The rest of the moonlight evening breeze can complement the romanticbanquet, so that the atmosphere is simple but not crude. Just like Islay peoples respect and pursuit of tradition, as well as their dedication to high-quality raw materials and handcraft, Bruichladdichs natural organic barley is paired with the purest local water full of love. The brewers brew every drop with the same attitude towards the works of art, endowing them with a unique soul.

Today, this spirit is still flowing in the Bruichladdichs brand. Taking quality as the highest principle, Bruichladdich people do every step carefully and strive for perfection, in order to reproduce the unique Islay terroir, and let the unruly spirit of whiskey add vitality to the wonderful Bay Area.


As a hot spot for liquor consumption, South China has never been short of wine-tasting "pursuers". The burning sensation on the throat awakens the good memories of the guests. When Bruichladdich steps into the Greater Bay Area, it is like a fish meeting the river and sea. The fish get its vast waster, and the sea gets its rhythm. As the pioneering knight of whiskey, Bruichladdich has a different sensibility to southern China. Therefore, it has always been adhering to and practicing the concept of "NO HIDDEN MEASURES", insisting on brewing pure quality whiskey, adhering to the true spirit of nothing hidden, and contributing the best flavor. Junying liquor industry is willing to work with it to explore the boundaries of traditional brewing technology, find more possibilities of taste, and create the next brilliant history.

The beautiful scenerysilhouettes against intoxicating atmosphere. In the beautiful scenery of golden autumn, the banquet unconsciously drew to a close.The eyes of the guests were blurred, and a sense of resonance began to reverberate. Bruichladdich shared wonderful memories with the "Blue Friends".