A group of DWA members from Chaoshan area spontaneously formed a whisky tasting club in their spare

发布日期:2022-10-18 13:23

A group of DWA members from Chaoshan area spontaneously formed a whisky tasting club in their spare time. This group of people are business owners and opinion leaders in different industrial fields and have the base of China’s most famous foreign wine town and surging whisky enthusiasm. Over the past five years, they continue to make in-depth exploration of Whisky Pairing in daily gatherings with Cantonese cuisine.

Over the past five years, Chaoshan area continues to createanddiscover, which leads to discussion on Whisky Pairing under the background of Chinese dietary culture. This leds to a Whisky Pairing taste boom which starts with the diet and is formed by the brand among Whisky lovers.

As millennial whisky lovers flocked to the event, Gen Z’s consumer creativity in spirits was on display.

Millennials are starting to develop a taste for whiskey through social experience precisely because of its complicated flavors. Themillennial, who fell in love with whiskey, has a spirit of perseverance and exploration intheir soul inthis newand rapidly changing era.
Whisky lovers tend to specially enjoy whisky Pairing from simple whisky Settings. This is due to the extremely social nature of millennials, their essential love for whiskey, and the spontaneous formation of the whisky tasting community.

Pairing Tasting on Chinese cuisine and Whiskey naturally becomes a new channel for whiskey lovers to exchange and share. This promotes the positive fission effect of whisky tasting community.

In the 2022 Shantou Whisky Carnival, the spirits master class which received enthusiastic welcome and registration is especially worthy of our attention. Each paid master class attracts consumers to listen to the essential knowledge of whisky prepared by professional tutors from each brand.

The participation of leading groups such as Rémy Cointreau, Brown Forman, Suntory and Diageo not only adds a professionalism to the quality of the master class, but also makes it a completely unexpected annual event organized by whisky lovers.

The spontaneous enthusiasm of several whisky conglomerates for second-and third-tier regions outside of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shenzhen coincides withthe nature of “Sharing” of whisky. In the meanwhile, it will no doubt cheer up Whisky lovers who love food and understand the flavor of ordinary life in China.
This Whisky Carnival is the third session of the event organized by enthusiasts in the Chaoshan area. They raised the flag with their still pure enthusiasm, promoted the culture with the tenacious belief of entrepreneurs, and led the exploration of whisky pairing with the original cuisine. Here, we see the future culture in Chinese Whisky Pairing. In addition to the driving force of public relations agenda manipulation and strong advertising, there may be another irreversible wayofreal exploration.
In the current trend of global collection, it clearly shows the pattern of “Coordinated Development”, and “simple collection” has become a trend among lovers.

The younger collectors are a major feature. In Shantou exhibition, young lovers enthusiastically participated in the single cup paid tasting. More encouragingly, more than half the bidders at Sotheby’s spirits auction in March were under the age of 40.

Another feature is that high-end collectors still attach importance to the “serious collection” of special items with long history, among which appropriate drinking and appropriate collection have gradually become the new focus of attention of connoisseurs.

Millennials’ appetite for whisky, with their systematic knowledge, is leading a revolution of its own in spirits, making China, traditionally dominated by liqueur and cognac, livelier.

The evolution of whisky simple collecting among millennials also indirectly matches and sublimates the social perspective of self-identity.

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Public market data have shown that whisky is currently the most stable segment of the upward growth in both China and the global spirits market. Its annual growth rate has consistently increased by more than two-digit percentage points. China’s whisky market has almost doubled in size every year for the past six years. The spontaneous driving force of local lovers has become a bright spot of global attention.

As young people born in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s enter the market with social experience, the growth of the whisky market has accelerated from slow growth. Since 2021, the import amount of Chinese whisky has increased year by year, which shows the enthusiastic investment of lovers.

In the meanwhile, the natural social transmission power of Generation Z also promotes the positive transmission speed of whisky culture.
Chaoshan is such a magical place that the French regard it as a cognac mecca outside of their home country. The spirits lovers and entrepreneurs of all walks of life who come from the country of this foreign wine now find another joyful world with their hobby of whisky.