F2324 TRIWN CHARITY Public Welfare Activities丨Love is the way, resolute and swift act |Following up in remote villages, precise assistance

发布日期:2023-03-10 10:30
Support Education Public Welfare Activities
Since 2007, TRIWIN CHARITY Volunteer Team has funded a project to provide quality education and opportunities for aspiring students in rural communities. As of 2023, a total of 1,052 families have directly benefited from the program. In fact, within these families, a cumulative total of 642 members have successfully graduated from universities or colleges, embarking on new chapters in their lives.
At the beginning of the F2324 fiscal year in March 2023, the first important task for the TRIWIN CHARITY Volunteer Team was to follow up on the targeted assistance efforts that had been managed during the F2223 financial year. The team strictly required that assistance be provided effectively, support be offered accurately, and tangible results be achieved.
The secondary school stage is a crucial turning point in youth development and an important phase for the formation of values. Ms. Vivi shen, Head of TRIWIN CHARITY Volunteers, took the opportunity to share her personal growth, entrepreneurial experience and values of integrity with the students, and encouraged them to participate in the secondary school process, both in terms of knowledge and moral learning. Ms. Vivi shen also meticulously interacted with the students to answer their questions.
The TRIWIN CHARITY Volunteer Team also actively communicated with school leaders and teachers on the follow-up of key support targets, and assisted the school in strengthening the learning facilities and completing the annual study fees and annual living allowances for the new key support students listed by the school and teachers on site, so that no one would be left behind whenever there was a need.
During the visits to the families, the TRIWIN CHARITY Volunteer Team not only provided substantial consolation to the students in need but also conducted in-depth investigations and conversations to diligently identify any omissions or shortcomings in the implementation and follow-up of the assistance program.
Additionally, for special emergency relief, the TRIWIN CHARITY Volunteer Team imposes stringent self-requirements to provide targeted and rapid assistance. This ensures that recipients can safely overcome their immediate difficulties while experiencing the warmth and energy from socially responsible enterprises.
Adhering to the core values of  "Acting with Integrity" & "Sharing the Goodwill"and go under the guidance of the corporate culture of "symbiosis and sharing", Triwin Corporation adheres to the way of corporate responsibility, emphasizes the dual track parallel of corporate ethics and business ethics, takes the practice of corporate social responsibility as its own responsibility, and continuously accumulates energy for social sustainable development.