Is Chinese consumer downgrading an excuse? In order to enhance the interests of shareholders of listed companies Maotai announced a 20% price increase

发布日期:2023-11-01 10:30
In the past three years, Maotai carried out a series of marketing reforms, the launch of a E-commerce online direct-sale platform "i Maotai", since then the company's performance has been hanging, performance continues to break through new highs, the first three quarters of this year for the first time in revenue exceeded the milestone of 100 billion mark.

Moutai direct-sale channels accounted for an increase in the proportion of one of the important reasons for the reform of Moutai towards stable growth.

From January to September this year, Maotai direct-sale channels realized revenue of 46.207 billion yuan, up 44.93% year-on-year; 56.657 billion yuan in traditional wholesale channels, up 2.9% "

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