We believe that the long-term partnerships should be built on understanding and trust. As a strategic partner, we understand the brand partner’s valuable products we work with and to deliver them in an exceptional way. This is a strategic decision, which enables us to benefit from building best-in-class market share and a superior customer experience.
2016: Whisky Boutique – The worlds first whisky boutique in Guangzhou China
The project was co-operated with Diageo group in 2016. The model of whisky boutique is unique and innovative. It becomes the landmark in Guangzhou for whisky lovers, providing customers with a unique shopping experience, a place for discovery, sensuality and expertise.
2017:Talisker 41 Yo – Unveiled the oldest official single cask
As the sole holder and buyer of 41 year-old Talisker cask, we teamed up with Diageo group to hold a gala dinner event to unveil the oldest official single cask of Talikser whisky, where it made its first appearance with the public.
2017:DWA Whisky Education courses
We are the initial co-organizer in Greater China Area that worked with “Diageo Whisky Academy” to offer professional Whisky Education courses (DWA L1, L2, L3). Since the project has been carried out, hundreds of industry peers and connoisseurs that have been trained and obtained certificates.