We seek to embed trust as our highest priority at every stage of our services. Our wide selection of Fine Cognacs, Rare Whiskies, Vintage Wines and Iconic Chinese Liquor enable us to fulfil our customers’ daily and specific needs – whether for wholesale day-to-day business, or corporate and individual consultation requests.
·  Wholesale
As the leading spirits and wine distribution company in Southern China, we pride ourselves on having built a leading wholesale business which leverages our deep long-term relationships with wholesale customers.

In addition to our retail offering, TRWIN show room stocks a variety of classic and emerging brand’s products that are specifically offered for commercial use. We have been servicing leading hotels, restaurants, bars as well as clubs, wine cellars. 
For special requests of wine and spirits consulting for your restaurant, club or bar, we are delighted to be at your service.
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·  Retail
In December 2016, TRIWIN partnered with Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks company, to establish the world’s first whisky boutique in Guangzhou China. 
Since the whisky boutique was opened to the public, it has served over 15,000 retail customers by offering a diverse selection of premium and ultra-premium Scotch. We offer a comprehensive selection of single malt whisky, blended malt whisky, blended whisky, single grain whisky and single cask. With some special releases and limited editions sourced directly from Diageo group, which are exclusive and cannot be found elsewhere. 
The model of whisky boutique is unique and innovative. In addition to providing the rare whisky selections, we also offer in-store tasting, whisky education events with the world’s most reputable whisky writers and blended masters such as Mr. Dave Broom, Mr. Charles Maclean, Mr. Jim Beveridge, Mrs. Maureen Robinson. We hope to fulfil customers’ thirst for knowledge on Scotch whisky and desire to refine their appreciation of its craft credentials.
If you are looking for special releases and limited editions as a gift for celebration, our product consultants would be delighted to help.
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·  Corporate and Individual
TRIWIN’s show room offers extensive collections of Cognacs, Whiskies, Wine and Chinese liquor from 30 countries. For some old vintage products, some are very rare and hard to find. If you are looking for fine and rare products as a gift for event or celebration, our product consultants are delighted to use their expertise to help.
Our Consultation Services Including:  
  • Consultation on special releases, limited editions, and very rare single cask bottling whisky
  • Advice on food paring with brown spirits for corporate and private event
  • Solution of corporate gifts for every occasion and budget
  • Local WOM gathering in both occasionally and regularly
Upon your requests, our product consultants would be delighted to help.

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TRIWIN has become the first global strategic partner to be appointed as the DWA APP(Diageo Whisky Academy Approved Program Provider). DWA, the initial branch in Guangzhou China, will provide an unprecedented and immersive whisky experience for whisky lovers, most notably the Introduction to DWA L1 Whisky – a tour commissioned by Diageo DWA.

Diageo Whisky Academy is at times referred to as the "China Europe International Business School" within the whisky industry. Twenty senior Scotch whisky experts, including the world's leading whisky gurus Mr. Charles MacLean, Mr. Dave Broom, Dr. Nick Morgan, and Mr. Sam Lu, Chief Consultant of the Diageo Whisky Academy, have spent years perfecting a three-level course meant to precisely grade the understanding and appreciation of Single Cask Single Malt Scotch – a must have insight for all whisky lovers looking to refine their tasting experience.

Instructors from the DWA APP, are all professional instructors who have completed at least 4 to 6 months of professional certification training. Tri-level, multi-dimensional whisky courses including:
  • L1 Discover the World of Whisky
  • L2 Road to the Masters
  • L3 Pilgrimage to Scotland

After surpassing the first stage in the tri-level multi-dimensional whisky cultural experience, whisky lovers may continue to the advanced experience of L2's Road to the Masters and furthermore, L3 Pilgrimage to Scotland.

Get in touch with us for enrollment enquires and further support, we’d be glad to help.

Tel: + 86 20 3431 9699   + 86 20 3409 1788
Sales: + 86 136 0008 5919