At TRIWIN, we’ve committed ourselves to maintaining a high standard in Wine and Spirits Distribution, in party by contributing to society.
In every fiscal year since 1993, nearly 3-5% of TRIWIN’s net profit has been directly donated into three focused social charity fields, which include rural education, scholarships for under privileged students and emergency aid.
·  TRIWIN CHARITY has been a member of the Guangdong Fu-Runyuan charity fund since it was established in 1991.
·  In every fiscal year, nearly 3-5% of TRIWIN’s net profit has funded rural education, scholarship for poor students and emergency aid.
· Since the establishment of the TRIWIN CHARITY Volunteer Team in 1996, it has conducted more than 10 times supportive teaching duties in rural areas of southern China.
·  Since 2000, TRIWIN CHARITY funded a special scholarship to provide quality education and opportunities for aspiring talented students. There are over 200 students that benefited from this project. In fact, some students have already graduated from college successfully and embraced new lives.
·  Mrs. Vivi Shen, GM of TRIWIN, has been recognized and honored as Honorary Advisor of the Guangdong Fu-Runyuan charity fund in 2017.